Fixating for hand / finger surgery

Instrument for fixating of the hand / finger during surgery

Area of use

Standard setting for e.g Carpal tunnel release, trigger finger and more

For more severely contracted finger you may use the optional Extension-link

For surgery in the palm eg Carpal tunnel release, often only one ring is needed

Designed and manufactured in Sweden.


5 pieces of Finger holders, 1 Transport plate + 2 optional Extension-links.
(The transport plate holds the finger holders in one place and minimize the effect with the strong magnet)

In rare cases, instruments may need to be demagnetized.

Base plate

Does not have to be steril (being positioned underneath the sterile draping).

Patent nr. 19790886.6. ”Intention to grant” – European Patent Office (EPO).

CE marking: Reg 6.6.1-2019-98304

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